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Sales Representative

Richmond, VA

Job Title: Sales Representative

  • Position Role:  The role of this position is to profitably maintain and grow IP sales by developing and executing Key Account Plans with high priority strategic Accounts.  The position is responsible for providing insights for development of customer Value Propositions that will create IP market advantage.  The position will provide timely feedback on market, customer and competitive activity influencing the market and develops effective responses. Is the primary developer and executor of financial solutions.
  • Scope: Individual contributor (no direct reports).  Is assigned geographic or sub-segment sales responsibility. Position is responsible for a mix of consultative and transactional accounts that are in the business unit’s list of top 50% accounts.  Responsibility for a moderately high level of business unit profitability.  Assigned accounts are moderately complex in nature with few having multiple locations (this position includes accounts in NC, VA, MD DE, and parts of Pa).  Position has demonstrated senior management level value to account and has developed strong upper management relationships. Is the account team leader responsible for bringing resources to successfully execute the value propositions.  Moderate supervision required and possesses significant commitment authority.  Position participates in development and delivery of financial solutions.
  • Minimum Experience:  7 years in sales (or equivalent experience)
  • Education:       Minimum:  BA/BS
  • Business Specific Skills, Knowledge, Accountabilities and Tasks:
    • Excellent time management and organizational skills.
    • Ability to negotiate with customers and overcome objections.
    • Able to implement market strategies.
    • Ability to develop strong relationships with customers.
      Key Competencies
Business Acumen
  • Priority Setting (50)
  • Timely Decision Making (16)
  • Organization Agility (38)
  • Process Management (52)
  1. Time Management (62)
  • Drive for Results (53)
  • Total Quality Management  (63)
  • Strategic Agility (58)
Sales Expertise
  1. Customer Focus (15)
  2. Negotiating (37)
  3. Problem Solving (51)
  4. Creativity (14)
  5. Dealing with Ambiguity (2)
  6. Listening (33)
Management Behaviors
  • Action Oriented (1)
  • Approachability (3)
  • Perseverance (43)
  • Informing (27)
  • Interpersonal Savvy (31)
Accountabilities ant Key Tasks
Please, see chart below.
Major Accountabilities
Key Tasks
Profitably grow the business with priority strategic Accounts by developing and successfully implementing Key Account Plans.
*Time Allocation:  40%
  • Complete a selection and prioritization process to determine the top strategic Accounts to focus sales effort and engage support resources.
  • Schedule and conduct the annual Account Business Review, with priority accounts, and secure agreement on business results and opportunities to address in the annual Account Plan.
  • Develop the Key Account Plans, securing support for actions on opportunities agreed-to in the Business Review, and review with Manager for input and approval.
  • Present the recommended Account Plan to all priority Accounts and collaborate to secure agreement to the plan objectives and measures.
  • Implement the Plan and conduct frequent performance assessments to monitor results against measures and to jointly define action steps to improve performance.
Enable profitable decision-making through demonstrated knowledge of; general business principles, internal financial management and industry business practices.
*Time Allocation:  15%
  • Analyze business conditions, identify opportunities and recommend solutions to improve performance and influence growth.
  • Develop and maintain cross-business relationships that enable timely decision-making to support the business/financial needs of strategic Accounts.
  • Maintain knowledge of IP financial measures and the ability to assess volume/revenue trade-offs to achieve the annual Budget.
  • Gain and maintain understanding of priority customer(s) business goals, marketing plans and operational practices to improve effectiveness of programming and projects.
  • Utilize sales reporting tools to consistently monitor and improve performance against business priorities and Key Account Plans.
Identify and implement Value Propositions with priority customers through knowledge and application of IP corporate/business capabilities and resources.
*Time Allocation:  20%
  • Segment priority strategic customers based on business practices/needs and identify resources required to support business development specific to customer type.
  • Dialogue with customer contacts and industry associates to maintain knowledge of priority customer’s; operational practices, customer base, supply channels service expectations and financial requirements.
  • Identify and communicate to IP resources, Value-Proposition concepts and compelling recommendations that will differentiate IP’s value from competitors.
  • Collaborate effectively, with team resources, to help develop unique value specific to individual customers needs or adaptable across channels/segments.
  • Successfully implement Value Propositions and measure performance against monetary commitment to validate “proof-of-value” with customer.
  • Participate in creating, implementing and evaluating priority customer satisfaction surveys or interviews and recommend action based on survey results.
Create IP advantage through continuous evaluation of market conditions, competitive environment and opportunities for innovation.
*Time Allocation:  10%
  • Knowledge of IP markets and market position and the ability to apply business strategies to achieve preferred position within the markets.
  • Understand competitive product (features/advantages/benefits) in order to effectively communicate IP product attributes that provide added-value to the customer.
  • Understand the competition’s approach to the market, and their performance within the market, so that performance gaps can be exploited.
  • Objectively assess competitive strengths/weaknesses and use this information in establishing market objectives/goals.
  • Document competitive pricing and services offered to insure IP awareness of changes and opportunity to respond.
  • Identify product substitution trends (paper vs. plastic) to anticipate changes in purchase behavior and product demand.
  • Identify potential competitive responses to our current market strategy. Document actual responses and take appropriate action to insure strategy success.
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