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Power Manufacturing Staff Engineer

Statewide, statewide · Manufacturing
What if you were given the opportunity and responsibility to make a difference? It is time to embrace your Infinite Possibilities. This is your opportunity to be part of International Paper, a Fortune 500 company and global leader in paper and packaging products. IP is known for our commitment to the environment and to cutting-edge technology. We have spent more than 100 years creating new ideas, and we are looking for people who can collaborate to help us build on our history, while creating future success. We are committed to attracting, preparing, promoting and supporting our teams. At International Paper, you control your destiny. We offer benefits, challenges, global opportunities and total rewards. When we say Infinite Possibilities, we mean it.
The Team Member has functional responsibility to support the following areas:
Technology Development - Develop and implement process technology and equipment which are new to International Paper and improve the Company's cost, product quality, regulatory compliance and/or process reliability. Interface with suppliers and original equipment manufacturers to stay abreast of any new technology that should be utilized by the company. Work with those suppliers as evaluated as the best qualified overall to assure success on all equipment maintenance and work together to promote improvements. This would include staying current on any and all new technology available from the suppliers and OEMs. The Team Member needs to have a good ongoing relationship with all current and potential suppliers, OEMs and consultants.
Operations Improvement/Process Improvement - Contribute to improved performance above historical levels in International Paper's pulp and paper mills by analyzing current operating techniques and equipment and assisting the mills to implement recommendations for improvement. Support the development of new technology to improve our operational cost. Provide training programs to support the mills in both operations and maintenance of the power boilers, recovery boilers, balance of plant equipment and power generation equipment to both safely and reliably operate existing equipment and to understand the operation of newly installed equipment for the improvement of process operations. Support the investigation of major incidents and accidents as needed to identify root cause(s), develop corrective action plans, and disseminate the information in each case.
Technical Assistance - Contribute to restoring or maintaining manufacturing operations at historic levels by providing Technical Assistance to the manufacturing organizations and International Paper staff and management. Support the company facilities with maintenance information and programs where needed on power boilers, recovery boilers, balance of plant equipment and power generation equipment. This would include support on power boilers, recovery boilers, balance of plant equipment including deaerators, steam systems, air compressors and related systems, water treatment, condensate and demineralized water systems and to a lesser degree steam turbines, mechanical drive turbines, and gas turbines.  Provide support and leadership with the development, improvement, and utilization of maintenance programs including NDE matrix development for recovery and power boilers, acid cleaning expertise, failure analysis and interfacing with our Technology Reliability partners.  Ensure Policy and Best Practices are communicated and understood. Provide assistance to facilities when and where needed to ensure understanding and adherence to policy for the protection of assets.
Outage Support - The Staff Engineer should work within the department to support needed mills for Major Inspections of power boilers, recovery boilers, deaerators, etc. in order to assure the proper knowledge to support asset preservation and long term planning. Provide an interface with original equipment manufacturers service, factory, and headquarters groups to assure that the best possible communication is maintained, and the highest quality service is obtained. Foster an environment of teamwork and partnerships to reduce the overall cost to International Paper. This would include routine interface on pre-outage, outage, post-outage, and day to day support as needed. The Staff Engineer would monitor the ongoing relationships of the service provider with the mill and interface when requested by the mill, normally at the same level as the mill or higher if needed. The Staff Engineer would ensure all parties are following International Paper Policy for power boilers, recovery boilers, deaerators and other balance of plant equipment and bring any variances from Policy to the attention of the Power Manager, inspector, contractor, etc. in a professional manner to assure the reliability and availability of company assets.
Capital Project Management - Provide Corporate leadership in the planning, technology selection and analysis of major capital investment opportunities and assume 100% responsibility for project success. Support the improvement of current company power area related equipment, and the selection and installation of new equipment at our facilities. Utilize tools such as Best Practices, ePad (capital approval process), and all others to provide timely support and leverage the total corporate knowledge base and tools. Support routine maintenance planning and execution, along with upgrades or improvements, either maintenance or capital.
Budget Management - Support the technical review of new suppliers, and requalification of existing suppliers as needed. Interface with other International Paper groups to assure we obtain the best quality at the lowest cost on the most advanced technology. Accomplish visits as needed to obtain information and review the qualification of alternative suppliers/providers of on-site labor, in-shop repairs, and the manufacture of components for our power area related equipment in the mill system/facilities, and provide this information as appropriate. Ensure outages are executed in the most cost effective manner possible while still maintaining adherence to all policies and established/accepted practices.
Meet or better approved S&A and program budgets and satisfy the business units that funding is well managed.
Policy Development - Support the development, review, and issuance of operational and maintenance policies and procedures for power plant equipment. Review any Policy Changes, log planned Revisions, prepare and issue Power Technology Advisories/Alerts, and work toward Policy Optimization in those areas possible and practical.
People Development/Relationships - Develop into the best technical person able to become a future leader of International Paper. Maintain relationships with all International Paper facilities and
power personnel so as to earn their confidence and respect in support of the Company's vision and goals. Offer assistance with training and development to pass on knowledge to facility personnel. Keep the Manager of Power Manufacturing Solutions, and other Power Manufacturing Services team members fully informed of progress and status of work, as needed, and refer to him/her on major or critical matters for advice, authorization or approval as appropriate. Encourage and foster teamwork within the Power Manufacturing Solutions group and between all Pulp and Power Technology groups. This would include other groups in the department, and other groups in Technology such as the Reliability Technology Group, and others that we work closely with.
Records Management - Accomplish the review of power plant equipment operational and maintenance reports. Maintain power area equipment history files in an orderly and usable manner. Backup to assure the information is available when needed. Perform any analysis needed of this data to support the improvement of the availability and reliability of our equipment. This would include assuring that power area equipment database is collected and secure for the future.
Safety - Assure a safe working environment and a positive attitude toward safety at work and home. Work to identify issues at facilities during site visits and point out issues to local management. Immediately address a situation when issues threaten immediate harm to individuals. Lead and participate in the Audit processes administered by the department, including, but not limited to, the Recovery Boiler Safety Audit process and Burner Management Safety Audit process. Review and provide input on all Equipment Specification documents referenced by our Policy manuals and assist in keeping updated as neccessary.
Community Relations - Contribute to the image of International Paper as an excellent company and a good corporate citizen.
Trained personnel have the full authority designated by the Manager of Power Manufacturing Solutions and the Manager of Pulp and Power Technology to make decisions and take necessary actions required for support to all International Paper facilities. This authority is limited as necessary for compliance to all company policies and instructions.
Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor of Science Degree.
2. Previous experience in the operation and mechanical design of power area equipment and ancillary equipment.        Preferable 10 years.
3. Have a working knowledge of boilers, Auxiliary Boiler equipment and general knowledge of other power plant equipment.
4. Have good communications skills, both written and oral.
5. Ability to be self directed and direct others
6. Willingness to be on call 24/7/365 and travel 100 plus days per year
7. Willingness to work 12 to 16 hours per day when needed, and occasional holidays
8. Ability to interface with all levels of personnel from craft labor helpers to upper level management
International Paper is an Equal Opportunity Employer - Minorities/Females/Individuals with Disabilities/Veterans.
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