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IT/Process Control Engineer 856668

Georgetown, GA
Support mill operations by being an information systems technical resource for the mill including TCP/IP networking, process control LAN security, server and PC support, and by being a resource for IT troubleshooting.  Reports to the Manager of Process Control.
Required attributes and qualifications
  • Interpersonal relationship - A great relationship with hourly and salaried workers is absolutely necessary to be successful. 
  • Analytical thinking – Need to be able to see the big picture.  How will any modification affect other controls, other systems, the operators, and the process. 
  • Networking - A sound understanding of TCP/IP networking and communications.  Cisco training would be beneficial. 
  • Server and PCs – ability to provide technical support of process control servers and PCs used on control systems including use of virtual machines.
  • BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Pulp and Paper Science, Computer Science, or similar.
  • Desire to improve and be self-motivated
  • Preferred:  Process control knowledge – A basic understanding and familiarity with process control systems and devices such as DCS, PLC’s and drives. 
  • Preferred: 4+ yrs in manufacturing preferably in pulp and paper.
Daily Tasks:
  1. Utilize safe work practices.  Engage others to encourage safe work. 
  2. Interact with instrument techs/electricians and reliability and capital engineers to troubleshoot PC and network related process issues and to support capital project development and implementation.
  3. Develop and implement networking strategies to support new and existing processes. 
  4. Upgrade PC’s and network switches
  5. Assure software backups are appropriately completed.
  6. Interact with corporate IT resources (MEAS and BIM) to coordinate any changes and improvements.
  7. Use best security practices to protect and monitor the process control LAN including creation of VLANs, storm control and trunking.
  8. Documenting the process control network using CAD
  9. Monitor and share best practices with other mills to ensure efficient and effective use of process control resources.
Provide backup support and assist Process Control technicians in an on-call night and weekend rotation. 
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